New Direction

I have decided to take a full time employed job after may years of self employment.

Thank you to all the people i have worked for in the past for their support.

Two of my friends will be able to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

Mark Jones: 07836 265 259 


Matthew Bloom: 07889 138 030


Aerial removal and chimney pot cowl fitting.

Occasionally i get asked to remove an aerial because it is no longer required or it is in danger of falling due to its age and condition.

While i had my ladders set up i was asked if i could install some chimney cowls to stop rain making the chimney wet internally and also to stop birds dropping twigs into and flying down in to the house.

Freeview aerial replacing old failing aerial

This aerial replaced an old failing aerial which had let water in to the cable and had very weak reception due to its age and water ingress.

Additionally the signal was good enough to be split to enable an extra TV point to be installed in another room.

New Roof New Aerial

Had to relocate the aerial mast and re use the old aerial(made one good aerial from two that the customer had) while the customer was having their roof replaced and chimney stack removed.

The customer required a total of six points connected five plus one from a different TV Transmitter.

Two new aerials installed and some re wiring due to water ingress.

Good results with quality signals in each TV Location.

New aerial and pole with old aerial below

It is not always possible to re use an old aerial due to the deterioration over time the aerial could have been up for more than ten years.


In this case i was able to use the existing aerial to retain the signal they already had and add a new aerial to give reception at a second location, It was not practical to split the signal due to less than adequate signal level.