Motor home automatic satellite locator

This was an unusual request and not the typical call out i get (usually caravanners dont bother fixing these things), this had failed because the software could no longer locate the satellite due to it requiring a firmware update, something i only found out after sorting the mechanical issue caused by the out of date software.

I had to re fit the toothed rubber drive belt and update the software for the customer.

Luckily the information was available on the internet after a little searching. The customer had no idea about the software update requirement and just let the dish rotate back and forth until the belt came off.

All was well when i drove away.

Cables in waste pipe buried under ground.

Telephone, two cat5 cables, and TV coax feeding a home studio about 30 meters away at the bottom of the garden. The customer purchased the pipe and i installed the cables in them and fitted the waste pipe. The builder arranged for the trench to be dug and the pipe to be covered over, also the electrician installed an armoured cable for the home studio.